Safe Shop Legal Requirements

Hazard Indentification and Risk control implementation.

According to State OHS Acts and Regulations, employers are generally required to provide a workplace that is without risk, to the extent that is reasonably practicable. Employees are required to use risk controls provided by their employer. To prove that you have done everything that is reasonable and practical, employers should be able to produce records that show a comprehensive identification of workplace hazards, an assessment of risk and implementation of risk controls, in consultation with employees.

Recording and reporting injuries and incidents.

Employees are required to report injuries and hazards to their employer. Employers are required to notify your WorkCover insurer and in some cases, WorkSafe, to report specified injuries and incidents. Reportable incidents include any event that could have harmed a person.

Employee Consultation.

OHS legislation requires that employers consult with employees about anything that effects their health and safety. Safe Shop Monitor enables you to receive and record monthly employee consultation topics and discuss them with employees in response to that requirement.