About Safe Shop Monitor

The System

Safe Shop Monitor enables you to create and keep the following records for each employee:

  • Personal Data
  • Injuries and Incidents
  • Induction
  • Health Monitoring

As these records are able to be printed or saved to your computer, they will always be available to you to show that you have properly responded to your legal responsibilities.

Safe Shop Monitor also enables you to identify workplace hazards, assess risks and to specify risk controls, including reminders for equipment maintenance and monitoring workplace conditions that could cause harm.

Risk Control Register

Safe Shop Monitor also enables you to set reminders to perform OHS compliance and maintenance tasks.

Hard Copy Versions

Some Safe Shop Monitor functions are available as a PDF hardcopy. While use of these forms will not allow electronic records to be kept, it may in some circumstances provide a preferable solution. The following is an example of one such hard copy.

Risk Control Register Printout